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Message started by Flibby on 22.08.2006 at 04:53:03

Title: Hei
Post by Flibby on 22.08.2006 at 04:53:03

Just wanted to introduce myself.

I'm moving from Poland to Finland in some few weeks and wanted to introuce myself to you guys. Can't say i understand a lot of the other threads currently but im going to be speaking the lingo in not too long hopefully!

Originally i'm English but i've been teaching History in international schools all over Europe for a few years.

Moving into Turku in October, any of your guys from there?

The only propper Finnish phrase I have learnt so far are swearing. One beginning with H second word V :) From a fin i used to go to University with, maybe I can pick up some Leeds United Finnish terms  ;D

Title: Re: Hei
Post by smithnjones on 22.08.2006 at 06:52:10

Welcome! It is lots of Leeds United supporters in Turku so it will be easy for you to settle here. This is also very attractive city so you wont get disappointed... and we have at least three bars which can show Leeds United games.

Cheers, Smithnjones...

Title: Re: Hei
Post by Suzanne Kellems on 23.04.2019 at 12:56:01

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