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Message started by Williamhawk24 on 14.10.2017 at 15:11:23

Title: Have you been writing? Do you want to share?
Post by Williamhawk24 on 14.10.2017 at 15:11:23

I plan to continue writing it, whatever 'it' might turn out to be, and I didn't feel it was appropriate to fill that other thread with my off-topic mental rambling, I'm putting it here, in this shiny new, content-appropriate thread.

  I encourage others who may wish to share their writing, rambling, and literary doodling to do so here. Please create a title for your creation, and preface each of your posts with that title, to make it easier for others, your readers, to keep track of.

  In order to keep each page scrollefficient, I plan to put each mass of words between spoiler tags. I ask other potential participants to do the same.


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