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20.09.2018 at 13:44:26

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What happened to Windows Photo Viewer?
03.10.2017 at 12:59:48

I've noticed that Windows Photo Viewer does not come with all my Windows 10 Install Media.  I seems that it is on the Disk I have but not on the USB Created with the Official App they put forth.  It was also in the Assistive Tech Upgrade that I did recently, but when doing a Clean Install from the Officially Created USB only the Folder for it is present and not the actual Software itself?  Does this thing require an Install, or is it just an App that I can drop in from another install to make the "better" Photo Viewer work as it always has?

If this is possible, would someone show me how to do it, I'm still not super proficient in manipulating system files and folders.

Guess I'll need to download the iso again and use another medium to create the USB Install Media, and maybe that will get it back?

Please help.

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