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20.09.2018 at 13:14:52

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Battery issue. Hardware or Software?
06.10.2017 at 15:49:07

The phone was claimed to be working in every way until I unpackaged it and found that the battery was misbehaving.
I put it on charge for the first time with it telling me it was on 93%. I was impressed as i have never had a phone sent to me with such power in the battery. Before i knew it i watched its power deplete to about 85% then say 0% with a red ! next to it only to shut off mid way through operation. The odd bit is here. I connected it to my SONY (R) Charger and it claimed that it had about 80% left in its battery.
From there I scoured the internet for answers like unplug and replug the charger, change charger  and calibrate the battery by charging it to 100% off then the same on. None of which worked. After unplugged from charger, if I play any videos or games. My z3+ display a red battery screen shows battery low and shutdown. When i reconnect charger i have like the same battery charge left when it went shutdown. I have done a factory reset from phone..didnt had any effect problem still exit.
Please look into this problem.

Please help.


I did not find the right solution from the Internet.


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