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20.09.2019 at 23:56:52

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Server Resets and personnel reserves
10.10.2017 at 17:10:44

However from my experience I can say there is room for improvement with Personnel reserves system, they should be based on number of games rather than a time limit. WoS has a similar system called signal flags and they avoid certain problems.

It will allow players with other stuff going on to use them more efficiently, like use them for a few games and come back for the rest when they have time.

Server resets will take away from using the whole time on a personnel reserve (this has happened to me 2 times in the last few weeks, 1 of them was 25% credit booster that was rare to come by). Or at the very least WG should compensate player for this.

When the server resets occurred the WoT client said that it was "scheduled maintenance" however I check the customer service regularly for server downtime to avoid these situations and I could not find any mentions of server resets scheduled.

Please help.


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