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Mielenkiintoista luettavaa Leedsin sähköpostilistalta:

I've been speaking to a good friend of mine who is a journalist and travels
with the team to away games.  Here are a few interesting insights:

O'Nearly actually applied for the Scum job,

The dressing room is split between those in favour of him, and those against
him.  Kewell won't speak to D'OL unless he is absolutely forced to,

There is a massive drink problem at the club - I've seen Johnson & Fowler
out a couple of times myself.

On another note, people laugh at Roy Keane and with good reason. But when he
slags off his Man U team-mates, it shows that he cares. If Keane was at
Leeds, then there'd be a few backsides kicked. If Man U are sloppy, then
what the fuck are Leeds?

It could be argued that the end is nigh - top players leaving, no cash for
replacements, half empty new stadium, crap PR management by the club,
useless manager THEY CAN'T AFFORD TO GET RID OF, and no good youth players
coming through

and we wonder why bowyer wants to leave????!!!!!