Eilinen Rangers peli päättyi 1-1. Maalin teki Smith. Jobin postissa tuli Woodgatin loukkaantuminen pelin alkupuoliskolla. Taklaustilanteen yhteydessä jalkaan oli tullut avohaava joka vaati 9 tikkiä. Alustavien tutkimusten jälkeen näyttää siltä että Wioody toipuu kauden avaukseen. Tilalle oli tullut Radebe.

Myös Matteo ja Kewell saivat pikku kolhut.
Ihan lupauksia antava tulos tuo 1-1. Toivoa sopii, että loukkaantumiset eivät ole vakavia, sillä liigan alkuun on vain 9 herätystä!
Tässä vähän paikalla olleen pelaaja-arvosteluja eilisestä pelistä:

Robinson – didn’t have much much to do but was confident with both hands and
feet this seemed to rub of on his defence and I was pi**ed off when he was
taken of at half-time. 7/10.
Harte – Good cross for the goal and got forward well in the first half.  He
came close three times with free-kicks.  His corners were a disaster and he
looked back to his dredful best in the second half. 6/10.
Bowyer – Was non-existant as far as I was concerned and if he keeps playing
like that he won’t be missed. 4/10
Bakke – Simply brilliant he played three different roles and fell into all
of them as if he were a natural.  All over the pitch and didn’t put a foot
wrong. 10/10
Oli – Played very well and controlled the middle of the park. 8/10
Smith – Another stunning performance by the young lad, he seem s to have
stolen one of Harte’s lungs or maybe both. Brilliant goal and unlucky not to
have had another. Pipped Bakke to man of the match. 10/10
Matteo – Looked cool and gelled well with Lucas when Woody had to come off.
Mills – Quiet by his standards and was surprised that he didn’t get forward
as much as he normally does. 6/10
Harry – Crap, needs to pull his finger out, before the season starts. 4/10
Keane – Two bad misses, but linked up well with Smith & Oli in the first
half. 6/10
King Lucas was very calm and looked as if he hadn't been away, a touch slower but
thats to be expected with the long lay off.  He will start against Man City
no doubt about it. 8/10
Not gona mention the subs apart from that I thought the defence lost all
confidence when Martyn came on at half time (or am I being to harsh).
Eilen pelattu Farsley Celtic - Leeds XI päättyi 0-0.

Tässä "kokoonpano":

Milo, richardson, sheriff, a bloke that looks like woody but isn't,
burns, johnston, macfrail, bridges and singh and someone else
Tiistaina pelasi taas vahvasti reservipitoinen Leeds XI Halifaxia vastaan ja tuloksena oli 3-2 voitto. Ja lauantaina ollaankin jo tositoimissa ...
Maalintekijät: Burns, Bridges and McMaster

Ja tämmöinen joukkuehan sinne lähti:
Leeds: Milosevic, Richardson, Newey, Burns, Cansdell-Sherriff, Kilgallon, McPhail, McMaster, Bridges, Seth Johnson, Farrell.  Subs: Singh, Allaway, Keegan, Folan, McStay, Pandong.